It Moves! It Zooms! It Rotates! It Does Real-Time 3D!

Now you can own your very own Strange Attractor! Keep it in your pocket to play with any time you like.
My Attractor is a tool to help visualize the Lorenz and Rössler Strange Attractors, not only in 3D Space, but also over time. You may have seen these attractors as static images tracing a single point on the screen or in print. My Attractor gives you a new perspective of these mathematical objects by animating hundreds of points – each following their own independent path through the attractor – giving a better perspective of how they behave.
Strange Attractors are part of the field of study known as Chaos Theory.

  • “Grab” and rotate the attractor with your finger to view from any perspective.
  • “Autopilot” will fly you around the attractor while it is in motion
  • Shake your device to reset the points to random initial positions.
  • Customize the attractors by adjusting the parameters to the formulas that describe the attractors.
  • “Storm” displays hundreds of independent points flying through the attractor. “Trace Path” a single point tracing a path through the attractor.
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