Gerry's Pegs
Gerry's Pegs is a simple game to challenge your wits.
The goal of the game is to end up with as few pieces as possible.
To acheive a “Perfect Game”, the game must finish with a single piece on the board in the position of the initial empty position.
The rules of Gerry's Pegs are simple:
  • Remove the initial piece from any position on the board
  • Choose a piece and jump either horizontally or diagonally over an occupied position into an empty position.
  • The piece that you jump will be removed from the board
Features Include:
  • Ability to generate the moves for Best Possible and Worst Possible games for you
  • Allows you to undo your moves
  • Keeps track of game statistics
  • The colour of the sky reflects the time of day (black = night, blue = day)
Board (day)
Board (night)
Options Screen
Statistics Screen
The Freesound Project ( was used as the source for all sounds used in Gerry's Pegs. It is an excellent resource for Creative Commons licensed raw sound recordings and sound effects.

The following sounds are used in Gerry's Pegs: