How to to install additional board layouts
A board layout file ends in the filename extension .stockboard

To install your board layout file you must:
  • Make sure The Stock Market is installed on your iPad and that your iPad is connected to your computer.
  • Open iTunes
  • Select your iPad under the Devices heading in iTunes
  • At the top of the iTunes window, click on the Apps button
  • Scroll down to the section titled File Sharing
  • In the Apps pane, select Stock Market Board Game
  • Either drag your board layout file into the pane titled Stock Market Board Game Documents or click on the Add... button and select your board layout file.
  • Click the Sync button to sync your iPad with iTunes

After successfully intalling the board layout, you will see a new button when starting a new game (see screenshot below).
Tap on this button to select the board layout.

Board Layout Screenshot
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