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QuickPlay is a simple lightweight sound player intended to run under MacOS X.

I based it on my favourite sound player for MacOS 9, SoundApp.
Unfortunately, SoundApp doesn't run natively under MacOS X at the moment, which is why I wrote QuickPlay.

QuickPlay will run fine under MacOS 9 (It was developed under MacOS 9), but due to MacOS 9's lack of preemptive multitasking, it won't play as smoothly when other applications do lengthy operations. SoundApp plays very smoothly under MacOS 9 by going a much more difficult route than QuickPlay does. You should use it if you are running MacOS 9.

Features Include:
  • Ability to play almost any type of sound file available (Thanks to the wonder that is QuickTime)
  • To play sound files, drag them on to QuickPlay's icon, or on to its window.
  • Play Queue. Drag multiple sound files on to the application, and they will be placed in a queue.
Still To Do:
  • Playlists
  • Better icons for the buttons

Tuesday January 22, 2003
  • Posted v1.0a3. New features include:
    • New file dialog to choose files through the Open menu command, or by clicking the "Play" button when nothing is playing.
    • A new "Disclosure Triangle" so you can collapse the window down to a much smaller size
    • A actual About Window. Though, it's still not very interesting.
Tuesday January 14, 2003
  • Posted v1.0a2. New features include:
    • Ability to drag folders
    • Displays the length of the queue in the window


Author: Gerry Beggs
EMail: GBeggs1@MTS.net

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