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What are the Lorenz and Rössler Attractors?

Gerry's Attraction is absolutely free. However, if you enjoy it,
you may make a donation in any amount you feel is appropriate to help support
the work that I've put into this project.

April 30, 2004
  • Posted version 3.6
    • Prompts you for where you want to save the movie when you start recording a movie
    • Support for long filenames when saving pictures and movies.
    • More MacOS X Friendly
    • Did some more optimising, so the FPS should be a bit higher.
    • More friendly to other processes. This means that the displayed FPS won't be at its highest value unless you set the speed to "Fastest".
    • Fixed bug while resizing the window under MacOS X.
    • Fixed a visual bug which caused it to not redraw the window contents completely sometimes.
    • Keyboard Movements and Auto-Pilot are smoother on faster computers.
Tuesday June 9, 2002
  • Posted version 3.5.
    • Carbonized, Movie Recording, and more...
Tuesday September 12, 2000
  • Posted version 3.2.
    • Added ability to grab and rotate the attractor with the mouse (a-la-Graphing Calculator).
    • Added support for pixel depths greater than 8-bits.
Monday September 11, 2000
  • Posted version 3.1.
    • Added new Thickness submenu to the Points menu.
    • Added Be More Precise to the Options menu. See the Version History for explanation.
Saturday September 9, 2000
  • Created this web page dedicated to Gerry's Attraction.
  • Posted version 3.0!

Gerry's Attraction is a program for viewing the Lorenz Attractor and Rössler Attractor in 3D.

It moves! It zooms! It rotates! It does real-time 3D!

Most programs which display these attractors usually give a static 2D view of these 3D objects which makes it very difficult to see what they truely look like and how they behave. Gerry's Attractor allows you to watch points become "attracted" to the attractors over time.

Gerry's Attraction allows you to "fly" around and through either attractor with total freedom viewing it from any vantage point (Similar to how you move around in the game Descent). And you can even see what it's like to follow the path of one of the points using the "Guided By Point" Camera Mode.

500 Points racing around the Lorenz Attractor

1500 Points racing around the Rössler Attractor

The Trace Single Solution option applied to the Lorenz Attractor

Author: Gerry Beggs

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