Gerry's Mandelbrot Set

Download Gerry's Mandelbrot Set v2.0b (Carbon for MacOS 9 and MacOS X)

Sunday December 1, 2002
  • v2.0b is available. A major re-write to work well with MacOS X.
    I will only be updating the Carbon version from now on. But it should work well under MacOS 9 with no problems.
  • More QuickTime options when creating a movie.
Saturday July 17, 2001
  • Created this web page dedicated to Gerry's Mandelbrot Set!
  • Version 1.5 released!

Don't let the name fool you. This program renders more than just the Mandelbrot Set.

It also creates:
  • Julia Sets
  • Iterated Functions Systems
  • Fractal Trees
  • The Lorenz Attractor
  • The Feignbaum Bifurcation Diagram
  • The Newton's Method for finding the roots of a polynomial fractal (up to 16 roots)
  • Martin's Mapping (Hopalong)
You are able to change any parameter for the above fractals to customize them to your liking :)

It also allows you to create QuickTime movies of the fractals changing (zooming in/out, morphing, panning, etc.).
It uses a simple interface to create movies. Just select the first and last frame, and Gerry's Mandelbrot Set will create all the frames in between.

Learn more about fractals.

Some Example Images:

Mandelbrot Set Julia Set
Newton's Method Iterated Functions Systems
Martin's Mapping (Hopalong) Lorenz Attractor
Feignbaum Bifurcation diagram Fractal Tree

Author: Gerry Beggs

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