Family Jewels

Download Family Jewels 1.0b3 (Carbon) 504 KB

Family Jewels is a game based on Bejeweled.

It runs very well under MacOS 9 and MacOS X.

Your goal is to change the places of any two gems that are next to each other and create a match of three or more similar gems. You can only swap gems that will result in a match.

You get extra points for making more than one match at once.

As you make matches, the bar at the bottom of the screen starts to fill up. When the bar is completely full, you will progress on to the next level. When there are no possible moves on the screen, the game ends.

Friday October 3, 2003
  • Posted Family Jewels v1.0b3. Now with a "Paws" button!
Sunday September 28, 2003
  • Posted Family Jewels v1.0b2
  • New Features Include:
    • "Time Trial" game style
    • High Scores
    • The interface is in a separate file.
    • A "Skin Editor" which allows anyone to create new interfaces for the game.
Friday August 29, 2003
  • Created this Web Page
  • Posted Family Jewels v1.0b1


Author: Gerry Beggs

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