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Java 1.1 or greater

Asshole II is absolutely free. However, if you enjoy this game,
you may make a donation in any amount you feel is appropriate to help support
the work that I've put into this project.

What Is This?
Asshole is a card game for the Macintosh. Despite it's name, there is nothing offensive or rude about this game :)

Why did I make such a game?

I found this wonderful game online called Asshole. I figured with a name like that it had to be good. I soon got addicted to it. However there were a few minor and not-so-minor things I would have liked different. So I thought I'd try to make my own version.
I e-mailed the authors of the original Asshole game to ask if I could use some of their graphics and sounds in my new game. Being the nice folks that they are, (or perhaps it's because we're both Canadian) they said "yes". I've replaced some of the graphics with nicer (and more memory hungry) 24-bit graphics but the basic design of the game is the same.

If you'd like to visit the homepage of the original Asshole game, go here:

Sunday, March 13, 2005
  • Posted my first Java Applet version of the game for those who are unfortunate enough not to be using a Mac ;)
    • It should have all the same abilities as the Mac version with the exception of being able to save your preferences to disk and to play a networked game.
    • I hope to fix both of these limitations eventually. If possible I'd like to make the networking compatible with the Mac version. I have no idea how difficult that might be though since I am using Open Play on the Mac version.
Sunday March 7, 2004
  • Version 1.0b8
  • What's New:
    • Higher resolution graphics! Three versions are available for download:
      • Standard (800x600)
      • Small (640x480) Same size as earlier versions. Lowest RAM usage, runs a little faster on slow machines
      • Large (900x675) Largest, uses more RAM, runs a little slower on slow machines
    • Window is resizable (graphics are scaled to fit the window size)
    • A new tab in the Preferences Window to allow you to edit the list of names used for the computer players
  • Later that day...
    • Fixed a crashing bug (I think) when opening the preferences window
Saturday February 7, 2004
  • Version 1.0b7
  • What's New:
    • Fixed crashing bug when selecting Reset Game from the File menu
    • Added a New Game button when there is no game in progress.
    • Added a Boss Is Coming! feature to hide the game and mute it quickly. There seems to be a bug in MacOS 9 where the wrong application gets brought to the front sometimes. Works fine under MacOS X, though.

Older News...
What's Left To Do
  • Support for GameRanger.
    • Game Ranger is not responding to my email messages asking for the information needed to add support to Game Ranger. I'm not sure why. I know the original Asshole was quite popular on Game Ranger. Perhaps they need a nudge from people who would like to see Asshole II on Game Ranger. Please contact them, if you'd like to see Asshole II on Game Ranger :)
  • Support for multiple decks of cards
  • Any Suggestions?


Author: Gerry Beggs

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